We made this…

We made this…

Have you ever done something totally new…  something that no one else seems to have done, anywhere else?  Taken a concept and made it into something real, something tangible?  

Orryx has.  

We have been privileged over the past 9 months to work with the Department for the Economy and Invest NI to design and launch a brand new regional innovation programme for Northern Ireland.  

It aims to increase the innovation performance of Northern Ireland as an entire region.  Pretty ambitious stuff.  And entirely necessary.  We have been bottom of the UK regional innovation rankings (or second bottom) for the past 16 years.   

The programme will help businesses develop their innovation strategy, capabilities and culture.  It will do this by recognising innovation and offering businesses an internationally recognised innovation accreditation from Innovation 360 Group, who we are proud to partner with.  

A number of Northern Ireland’s most innovative businesses, promising startups and innovation thought leaders have contributed their ideas to the design of the programme and we think we have developed something pretty special and very unique.  

Watch this space as Northern Ireland shows the world how we are leading the way in innovation.  

You can find out more about the Innovation Accreditation Programme at www.innovateni.com

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