ISO 56000 Guidance


Why does innovation matter?  Not just why does it matter to our economy, but why should it matter to your business?  Innovation is a basic survival skill in a global market where disruption is the status quo.  Customers are more likely to buy and pay a premium for innovative products or services and innovation supports long-term growth.

It also matters because ISO the International Organisation for Standardisation) thinks it does.  ISO 56000 is a series of international guidance standards, some of which have already been published and others that will follow in the coming months and years.

They will cover everything from developing a consistent language around innovation, to measuring innovation, ideas management, innovation assessment and partnerships for innovation.


Some providers claim they can certify or accredit against the guidance and some suggest they can issue an ISO certificate.

At present these are voluntary, guidance standards.  This means it is not possible to certify or accredit against them.  They are best regarded as an internationally validated guide for innovation management.


Orryx are very proud to be involved in the development of these international standards. Contact us to find out:

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How we can assess your ISO 56000 Readiness


Our ISO 56000 Workshops


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BS ISO 56002

Innovation Management System

BS ISO 56003

Tools and methods for innovation partnership 

ISO/TR 56004

Innovation Management Assessment

The overarching guidance document

 Establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an innovation management system

How to establish innovation partnerships for mutual benefit

Managing risk or perceived risk of partnerships

Innovation partnerships between start-ups and SMEs with larger organisations.

Why it is important to measure innovation

What to expect from good innovation measurement

Carrying out an innovation assessment

Acting on the results of an innovation assessment to deliver value

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