We Help you Innovate for the future

Orryx is a specialist innovation advisory practice. We work alongside you, helping you innovate and transform for the future.

Innovation capability ASSESSMENTS

How innovative are you?

We assess your innovation capability and future innovation potential using a unique 360 degree approach developed in Sweden, a world leader in innovation. This allows benchmarking against more than 8,000 organisations worldwide.

We are the only service provider in Northern Ireland licensed to provide Innovation 360 InnovationIQ certification and our Managing Director (Dr Kelly Clark) is Northern Ireland’s only Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner.

Innovation strategy

We all need a plan. Having one for innovation is no different.

We all need a plan.  Having one for innovation is no different.

We can help you develop an Innovation Strategy and Portfolio that will help you focus on the right innovations today, in the immediate future and in the far future.

Innovation Implementation

We can help structure your innovation activities. That doesn’t mean stifling your creativity!

Innovation can sometimes feel disjointed with lots of projects going on in different places.
It can even feel like something that happens ‘over there’ without being part of your organisation.

We can develop innovation programs that bring all your initiatives together in one place and provide the tools to make sure they succeed.


Design and innovation go hand-in-hand

Creating a new service or programme can be daunting and fast-paced. It also requires some imagination and lots of good planning and management.

We can help you design completely new services or programmes and get them up and running.
Or we can transform the ones you already have.

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